Welcome to the Nordic Wheelchair Curling Championship in Gothenburg 2019!

Gothenburg Curling Club and the Swedish Curling Association are welcoming you to the first ever Nordic Wheelchair Curling Championship. Entry is now open and we are looking forward to welcoming teams from all Nordic Countries to participate.

Date: 12-14 April, 2019 – First games expected at 10.00 but will depend on the amount of teams registered.

Venue: Göteborgs Curlinghall, Gothenburg, Sweden

Maximum number of teams: 20 teams – Open entry for wheelchair curling teams from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Systems of play: System of play will depend on the number of teams. 8 end games will be played. Schedule will be published latest on the 11 March 2019.

Additional rules/information:

  • Competition is for 4 man teams, but 3 players are allowed.
  • No demands on mixed gender teams. Any four curlers.
  • Able bodied curlers can play, from a wheelchair if teams are in need of players.

Registration: Registration is done on the registration page. – Deadline for registration is 25 February 2019.

Entry fee: 250 EUR per team – Instructions for payment will come later. Entry fee will cover some meals for the teams. More information to come there too!

Accommodation: Please see our accommodation page for suggestions.