Rules and Systems of play

System of play

The group stage is played in two pools of five teams each. Games will be played over 8 ends plus extra end if tied.

Teams who entered a coach have a right to one time out per game and another one in an extra end. Time outs are one minute long.

Practice, LSD and hammer

Both teams have 9 minute practice before every game. Teams marked with * in the schedual has first practice in the group stage. The practice is followed by a Last Stone Draw (LSD) consisting of 2 stones per team. 1 clockwise and 1 counter clockwise. Winner of LSD (lowest average) decides hammer. The second team will practice immediately after the first team has finalized its LSD.

Play-offs and ranking

The two highest ranked teams in each group will qualify for the semifinals. The teams ranked 3rd and 4th in each group will play B semifinals and finals for rankings.

Teams are ranked within the group based on:

  1. Win-loss record
  2. Head to head games
  3. Draw Shot Challenge (DSC)

Play-off rules

In the playoffs, teams ranked higher will have the choice of choosing colour or choosing first practice and hammer.
In the finals, if there is two teams with the same placement from the group, their DSC will determine the ranking between them.